Friday, 3 July 2015

"Oldie for Friday" and Teallach's Mountain!

Good Morning Everyone, Hoping you are all well and enjoying this fabulous spell of Summer weather.  Isn't it hot though, no sooner out of the shower and dripping again, and I'm afraid I don't glow like a lady, I sweat like a navvy.
Alistair and the boys had a marvellous time in Iceland, and good weather too, full of tales of adventure and it was lovely to spend time with his Godson, who is just 21 and his friend.  Always in company of the "old boys", so he just loved being in the company of the youngsters.  However it is all catching up with him, took to his bed for three hours yesterday, mind you the heat was fierce, but he is almost 70, although the fittest man I know, there come a time when it's best to have a lie down.

I will have a busy few days from now as I am looking after my Grand Pets.  That's 4 cats, 4 large tortoises, 1 small tortoise, a grass snake, a Gecko, and a Skink, and of course my favourite girl Molly the dog.  Damian and Moreen have hired a motor home and are going to see the British Grand Prix( oh Ang I know you'd want to be there too).  They were to take Molly, this was the reason for the motor home, but the weather is just too hot and she is a very old girl and doesn't manage the heat.

So just as well that they live only a few minutes away so it's no great problem. I have a whole list of what to do for them, all more complicated than looking after little humans, but that is their little .family. Anyway the motor home is fabulous and has given Alistair a few ideas for trips away for ourselves.

So on to my "Oldie";
Another of my favourite Christmas stamps from Papermainia. again this is a large stamp and I think it was coloured with Promarkers. I've had this stamp a few years now, amongst my stash from my first Christmas of card making.

Why not join in the fun and share your earlier creations, doesn't have to be just cards, just something handmade.  It's fun to look back and see how you've improved/progressed.
All started by Erika of Snappy Crafts and you can find her here.

Thank you all so much for your lovely, kind comments on my last card, I do appreciate them and know it all takes time, and let's face it when the weather is so good we all need to take advantage of that.  I have been trying to catch up with my visits to your blogs, but it's been a bit busy here with one thing and another, but I am slowly getting there, I have not abandoned you.

Just to end here I thought you might like to see the Mountian that our lovely fur boy is named after. We went away for the day Wedenday, sweltering heat, to Mellon Udrigal, must find out what that means, beautiful little cove up in the West Coast, but we had to pass An Teallach to get there;

Impressive or what, An Teallach means The Forge. Well over 3.000 ft so it's a munro, not climbed by me, although I've done a few back in the day, but a favourite cilmb of Hubby's.

Off to get some breakfast now, I'm finding I'm keeping the same getting up hours that I did when working, but I'm getting heaps of things done.
Take care everyone, enjoy the sun, but make sure you've got the sun factor on.


Sunday, 28 June 2015

Get Well Soon!

Good Morning Lovely Blogging and Crafty Friends and of course anyone who happens by.
I hope all is well with you and that you are enjoying your weekend. Still not getting the weather that should be Summer up here in Inverness.

Alistair phoned from Iceland last night to say that the weather has been wonderful and they have all had the best of times, so there will be lots of stories for him to tell.  He should be on his flight back now, but will be staying with his friend Mick in Heysham and coming home by train tomorrow.  I am looking forward to having him back.

This is just a quick post today, I promised myself I would do some housework so I had better crack on, but here is my card;
As you can see it is a Get Well Soon card and it's for my friend Dale who has shingles on her head and it's very painful, so I thought I would get a card together for her.  We are going down to visit her and Stewart in July for the Edinburgh Jazz Festival.
I have used, Time Holtz Sizzix die, with Silver Centura Pearl card behind it, there are 4 in the set and all really useful.  Sheena Douglass poppy stamp and die set, and  Textured EF all from the Summer edition of CC Inspiration Magazine. Die'sire sentiment die, SN Aqua pens, star dust which isn't showing, Hobby House pearls and a tiny Papermania bow.
Dale loves poppies and has all sorts of ornaments, pictures, curtains you name it around the house so she is sure to like this.

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments on my last card, and I'm pleased to have made some of you chuckle at Teallch's photos.

Take care of yourselves and enjoy your Sunday,

Friday, 26 June 2015

"Friday Oldie" and a Starving Kitty!

Good Afternoon Everyone, and I hope you are all well and have plans of a terrific weekend.  Let's hope that we all have some good Summer weather. Hasn't it been awful, can hardly believe that we are almost out of June and the weather has been so dark, cold and rainy. However nothing we can do about that, except wear the right clothes as Billy Connolly would say.  We are quite thundery here in Inverness, muggy warmth.

Thank you for your kind comments on yesterdays card and your words if encouragement as I begin my retirement, it's all a bit strange, but at least I remembered not to get up for work, but I has to get up and go for food for Teallach, can you believe he had none in his cupboard, he wasn't amused I can tell you and this has never happened before, so it just goes to show where my head was to forget to stock up in cat food. In fact here was the consequences of that;
Good I've spotted my breakfast!

Where'd he go!
Poor boy has now been well fed and is curled up on his cushion fast asleep.

My "Oldie" for today;
One of my favourite stamps from Papermaina, and I think it's Promarkers I used to colour it. It's a large stamps so makes a super topper.

Why not join Erika of Snappy Crafts showing handmade projects from earlier in your crafting career. It's just a bit of fun and it's god to see how you've progressed, changed style and even all the different crafts that you do.

It's my friend Linda's 60th today so I'm joining her and her mum along with another friend for a meal tonight. She is having a party tomorrow night, but I'm not a party person, so this will be lovely tonight.

That's me for now folks, I must try and get around to see you over the weekend, so take care and see you soon,

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Kimono and a Friend!

Hello Crafty Friends and Visitors, thank you for popping in to visit, always delighted to see you here, and if you have a live blog, I will visit you to see what you so.

Thanks to everyone who left comments on my last card, you are all very kind and I do appreciate your time in doing this.

Is everyone well, I do hope so but kind thoughts going out those who are not feeling so good.

Well the day has arrived, after 42 years of working life I am now done with it all. YIPPEE!!!!
 Mixed emotions though, no farewell party, some of my colleagues not there to say cheerio, that's a bit sad really, but hey ho that's life.  It has been a roller coaster of emotions for all of us over the last two weeks, all of us in our different ways have found it difficult to finish and strangely enough, how to be with one another.  I've felt quite annoyed, ney angry that our managers and the CE have concentrated on the clients, and rightly so as we have, but not one of them had been interested in the emotional well being of the staff.  Won't go into it here, but I felt I had to say how disappointed I was at this especially from a personal point of view as over the last couple of weeks I've been physically unwell, because of being out of routine at work so therefore my diabetes has suffered, the area manager was quite taken aback at me, but honestly, you get to a point....know what I mean.  All of us feel we have been treated quite shabby. So he want's to take us all out for a meal.  I declined,  but I think some of the others are going.

So now begins the next phase of my life, I wonder  what it holds?

I have a card;
I treated myself to this lovely CD from CC, Kimono, and all of this is made from the Card Companions, with Centura Pearl embossed with a Kimono EF, Signature Fan Die, Dazzler, Velevt ribbon from Papermania, a bit of glitter, and all put on to a stepper card, and if I say so myself I think it's quite lovely.   I would recommend this CD it is really lovely.

It was my friend Jackies funeral yesterday and what a beautiful celebration of her life it was. Many assistants from years gone by came from far and near for it, and it was lovely to see some of them who lived with me and Jackie, she would have just been delighted with it all.  I thought I would show you a couple photos of us taken many years ago, I think this was around 1991;

I have so many wonderful memories of her, some too that were not so wonderful, but she taught me so much and gave loads of love, it's like a little candle has blown out, but many lives are the richer from having known her.

Well, that's me for today, I hope I can find an "Oldie" for tomorrow, and I hope I remember not to get up for work either, LOL!!

Take care everyone and happy crafting,

Monday, 22 June 2015

Garden Lace Scene!

Good Afternoon Friends and Visitors and welcome to my wee bit of Blogland, I hope you enjoy your visit and pop in often.

Thank you all so much for the lovely encouraging comments on my CCC card, you are all very kind.

I got a call from my dear hubby last night to say they they had arrived in Reykjavik ans the weather was glorious, most unexpected as they had been following the weather for the last couple of weeks and there had been snow. Anyway, they can't get to do the walk planned as there is quite a bit of flooding, so if I understood rightly, that means the volcano, oh dear!.Walkers are very good at adapting to plan B though, so all will be well.

My card today is for The Chocolate Baroque Colour Challenge;

As you can see the colours are fabulous but, I struggled a bit to come up with the right shades, you think you must have every colour under the sun, but wasn't the case here, so I hope they will do.
Anyway, I've used a wonderful Garden Lace Scene CB stamp , and the sentiment is from CB Macintosh Sentiments Set.
Coloured with SN Pens. The background papers is also from CB, it was a free download from Lesley, again the colours reflect the challenge, red card, Papermania Lace, Pearls from my box and Gold Glamour Dust.  I'm quite pleased with the result.

It's a dismal day here and really quite cool, Teallach is snuggled up on his cushion, I'm snuggled up in a fleece, more than half way through June and still no sign of Summer.  I hope it is better where you are.

Keep well everyone and see you soon,
I would like to enter my card into;

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Pink and White for Christmas Card Club!

Hello One and All and I hope it's a good weekend for you and that you are feeling tip top. Here is a hug though if your not.

Thank you all for the lovely comments on my "Oldie" card, it's fun to look back at what you've done.

My card today is for the Christmas Card Club and the theme was chosen by our Karen which is pink and white, with accents of black, gold and silver.  Well i have to say I struggled a bit with this one as I'm not a pink girl really, however here is what I came up with;
I'm sure I've seen pink poinsettias so I thought I would use my SB dies cutting Centura Pearl card in pale pink and white. Gold for the leaves and I guess the silver is in the glitter.  The swirl is from a Sizzix die set, Embossialicilous Embossing Folder, Bazzil pink card a bit of black card and some Gold Liquid Pearls.  Not a bad effort in the end.  So thank you Karen for the challenge.

Well, it's just me and Teallach for the week and Alistair is away on a walking holiday with some chums to Iceland, the country that is not the shop.  I'm poor, sick jealous as I would loved to have gone back, but it is a boys holiday and they will be camping, not my idea of fun.  They are hoping to walk around the big volcano that erupted a couple of years back and is set to go any time again, so I made sure I knew where all his money is, lol.  I am sure they will have a fab time. When we went to pick his friend Bill up this morning, his partner Sheela said Bill hadn't slept all nigh he was so excited. Alistair too, he was up before dawn, packing, unpacking , repacking, this had all be done yesterday too.  Anyway I got them off safely to the train to Morcombe where they are meeting up with the rest of the "boys" and then flying out tomorrow.  Oh bliss!!!

I've only 18 hours to do next week and that is me finished with my job, we will all be so pleased as the closing down has been a shambles, and no thought to how the staff were having to cope with clearing out the building, anyway nearly all over. Managers!!!

I'll love you and leave you, and hope to get around to see what you've been doing, Blogger is acting up again not letting me on to some of your pages, but I keep trying.

Enjoy your weekend,

Friday, 19 June 2015

Walk in the Snow," Friday Oldie"!

Hello Everyone, back again with my Friday Oldie, I don't know where the week has gone.  I hope everyone is tip top, but if not I hope you will be feeling better soon.
Well I'm back in my woolie socks, I can't bear my feet being cold and yesterday at work having no socks on they were like blocks of ice.  Where is our summer!!!

Anyway, Joining Erika of Snappy Crafts in showing my Oldie;
This was a card I made for Damian and Moreen a few Christmases ago, from Hunkydory, the acetate made it difficult to photo I'm afraid. Yes I've definitely improved looking at this. This is what is great about sharing your older makes is looking at how you've progressed in your crafting, but it's just a bit of fun, so why not join in and share your Oldies, doesn't have to be a card, could be sewing, knitting, just something handmade.  

As I've only been crafting for a few years I'm running out of cards, especially as I had never thought of photographing them, but hopefully I can keep going for a wee while yet.

Thank you once again for all the kind comments on my my last post, and especially about Jackie, they are very much appreciated.

So, I am going to attempt to schedule this for tomorrow, Friday, Wouldn't do it for me last week, maybe lucky this week, see you soon,