Friday, 28 November 2014

Winter Village for Oldie Friday!

Hello Everyone, hope you are all well, but if not here is a Hug that you feel better soon.

Not too bad weather over the last couple of days here, but getting colder, but I suppose that it is the end of November. Where has the year gone?????????

Well I've been playing with my new Xcut machine and it is super, and today saw the delivery of a set of SB Decorative Circles, the large ones, I've wanted them for ages.  My Christmas to myself.  As I was working late I'm not going to be able to have a play yet, but I just keep looking at them and seeing all sorts of cards.

Another fab thing to happen is that I've won the Challenge at Chocolate Baroque, I'm so delighted as I don't enter many challenges now because I get left with so many cards that I can't really use, but I do like using the CB stamps so that is really the only challenge I enter. I've chosen some gorgeous stamps for my prize which I will show when inked up.

I'm scheduling this card for tomorrow, Friday and it's my Oldie for Friday;
Here I've used an image by Micheal Powell, I can't remember what else I used, but I would guess It was coloured with Promarkers. It's all a couple of years old.

Here is a photo of something a bit more recent;
Our lovely boy, he is just wonderful, and it feels like he's been with us for ages, not just a few weeks.

That is all from me tonight, just before I go I just want to thank everyone who leaves lovely comments, I very much appreciated your time in visiting my blog.
See you soon

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Pine Cone Wreath!

Good Afternoon Everyone, and a lovely clear, crisp wintry day it is up here in Inverness, the light is gorgeous too, so much better than the dark and gloomy days we've been having recently.

Hoping everyone is fit and well, but just in case here  are kind thoughts and Hugs in the hope that you'll feel better soon.
Thank you for the comments on my last card, I do appreciate your time in visiting and commenting, in this busy life we all lead.

I'm having a quiet day, I always do the day after the concert, the long day fairly takes it out of you, even although it's an enjoyable thing to do and I love it.  The concert was a success, we did very well going by the applause we receive and our soloists were wonderful. A longer piece of music than normal, with very high notes for Sopranos, but thankfully no sore throat today.  So that's done and dusted, now we begin rehearsals for our Carolthon, which we do every year to raise money for ourselves and a charity of choice, this year it's Sight Action. I've never heard of them, but it sounds a good charity to choose.  We sing Christmas carols all day in the Eastgate Centre which is our main shopping mall in Inverness, and it raises quite amount of money. Last year we managed to raise over £4000 so it's worth while to do.

I got an early Christmas gift from Alistair today, an Xcut die cutting machine. I just wanted money towards it, but he just bought it out right, he tried to put it away till Christmas, but I wasn't having any of that.  I have a Big Shot which I love, but can't use larger dies and embossing folders, and although I mostly do 6x6 cards just sometimes a larger one is needed. So I'm a very happy bunny today.

So on to today's card;
Using another new NEC acquisition from Card-io, their new Pine Cone stamp along with the branch stamp from Oriental Blossoms set. The bird stamp is from the Winter Walk set, and stamped with Versarmark in.   Dark Brown card and gold Mirri.  This was a lovely card to make and I do love Card-io stamps, so easy to use.  The Sentiment is CC from their freebies with their magazine Star Dust to give a bit of sparkle. I hope you like it.

I'm off now to have a visit around your blogs, enjoy the remainder of your Sunday and see you soon.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Rockers for Oldie for Friday!

Hello to all my crafty friends and anyone how visits, it always a pleasure to have you here.
Thank you all for all the lovely comments on the Celtic Cat die, It was a lovely die to use and I'm pleased you liked it.

Do you remember I was looking for curtains, well I managed to find something similar to the Dunelm ones I liked in Next, similar in respect that they are plaid and a woven, heavier material. With my good man's help got windows washed and put up the curtains and I am very pleased with them. oh the things that make me happy!! changed days.

I'm here with my Oldie for Friday, which is Erika of idea to share something you've made a wee while ago, it doesn't need to be a card, could be sewing, knitting, I've even put up an oldie photo of Alistair and myself. It's fun so why not join in.
These were made from a CC kit and I think they were requested for some children, but can't quite remember. Very easy to make.

We are off to the cinema tonight to see Imitation about Alan Turin and the Enigma story.  The lovely Benedict Cumberbatch is the main lead and I really like him as an actor. Looking forward to that.

We have had fog all morning in varying degrees of thickness. When Teallach came in this morning it was real pea soup, then it lifted within the time of me feed him and making a coffee, and has been down and lifted several times. It really is Winter.

That's me for now folks I hope you weekend is good, I'll be singing all tomorrow, rehearsal in afternoon and concert in the evening, sore throat on Sunday, but love it, not the sore throat of course, but the concert and all the buzz of performing.

Bye and

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Good Afternoon Crafty Friends, hoping all is well with you, but here's a HUG for you if you're not so well.

Thank you all for the very kind comments on my last card, and some new faces too, so Hello to you, I am so pleased you popped in and I will return the visit.  Welcome to Cotnob, Pauline who is my latest follower, I hope you will return often and like what you see. Lovely to see, Shirl, Lucy and Janice.
Janice I've tried to visit you but you are on the Google Circle thingy and I'm not sure how that works.

It is really quite dark now and it's only the back of 3pm. I'm going to be forced to put the lamp on to type the remainder of this post.

I've had some really lovely days off work, but back tomorrow on a late shift and then off again for a few days.  Saturday sees another Choral Concert and As I was working on that day I had to request some Annual Leave. We are doing Bach's Christmas Oratorio, quite a hefty piece of music, but a lovely one. I think it will be well received. 
Anyhow this is a short post today as I'm catching up with some cleaning.

Had another play with one of my new dies;

I've used one of the new Celtic Dies from Lavinnia Stamps, of course it had a cat on it so had to buy, it's called Timeless. It is so easy to cut out too. I've used Wink of Stella on the Bluebells, and various DI on front of the card, Acetate on the back of the image and a few off the little Bluebells for decoration. One of the Scenic papers from Lavinnia as an insert.
I was going to use my creative Expression gilding was on the flowers but each of them seemed to have dried out, hardly been used either, I was rather annoyed, I tried to soften them up with my heat gun, but didn't work, anybody got any ideas !

That's me for now, thanks for visiting and keep well,

Monday, 17 November 2014

White Winter!

Hello Everybody, I hope all is well with you all.
Well it's been another dark day, just like a day in November really!!  I've had a lamp on most of the day. I don't mind cosy dark nights but I hate it to be dark during the day.

Well I got nowhere with the curtains, didn't have my size in shop or online, and it was just as well that I measured as I was out with my drop. When we first move in  here I has a notebook with measurements, and notes about info I would need to replace items when the time came, can I find it? not on your life.  Anyway, then I decided to try Next, found a pair that I thought  would be good, out of stock again and not sure if they will be in again.  Guess I'm not buying new curtains any time soon.

Alistair came home after a few days cleaning and gutting Jim's house and really upset by the state Jim was living in. He is just not managing to keep up with house cleaning. I feel so sorry for Jim as this is a new state of affairs for him, but he has put on a lot of weight so getting around isn't easy, but he also seems to have given up a bit on things From what Hubby describes, sounds as if Jim is in a depression and completely overwhelmed by the state of the house.  He is also not good with authority and asking for help, he does have a social worker, but believes he is useless and doesn't do anything for him. Which is not actually true. Poor Jim is his own worst enemy really.  Alistair has spent a bit of time writing to Jim's daughter to inform her of her Dad's condition in the hope that she will support him and advocate for him.  She lives near him, we will support her, but are too far away to be putting in frequent appearances.  Poor Alistair is exhausted but quite worried about his brother, but I'm sure between us all we can sort it out.  This getting old and vulnerable is no good.

Enough of family troubles. I've finally managed to have a play with some of my new stash;
I've made this card with an Imagination Crafts Stencil and Sparkle Medium in Silver.
Black and Silver card, the snowy effect is on my photo editing program, but I'm thinking that it's made the photo a bit blurry.

This is my first time using a stencil and the sparkle medium, and I think I need a bit more practise. I think I will buy some of the card that is advised for the sparkle medium, as I used Cor'dination card and it bevelled a bit.
Anyway I hope you like it.

Thank you all so much for your kind comments on my last card, I do appreciate them.
See you soon, take care of yourselves,

Saturday, 15 November 2014

MacIntosh Beauty!

Hello Everyone and welcome to my blog, I hope you are all having a good Saturday and keeping well.  We have fog and it's feeling damp and cold, another day for staying indoors, I had to go out earlier but I'm sure in now.

I could do with new living room curtains and the best time to buy things for the home is when hubby isn't here, you know what I mean ladies, anyway, we have a Dunelm here in Inverness so I thought I would go there. A super variety of curtains, and finally settled on a pair only to get confused by the size I needed.  The more I thought about it the more I could remember what size the ones I have are. So I gave up and now if I can find Alistair's measuring tape, I'll note the correct size and go again tomorrow, Alistair isn't back till tomorrow evening.

He has been down visiting his brother who is not managing to clean his house just as well as he used to, so Alistair to the rescue, Jim is the older brother and is not as fit as Alistair.  However Jim has a young daughter, who could help a bit, but he won't ask as he feels she is working hard and doesn't need his problems.  She has her own flat but lives fairly near he dad. Alistair thought it better I didn't go down with him as I would have shaken them all up a bit too much, but it's what's needed. Anyway enough of our family dilemmas.
I'm here today with a card I've made for the Chocolate Baroque Challenge using this colour pallet;

The images are from the Macintosh Beauty set which I thing are gorgeous. I've matted and layered with Tattered Lace Lilac Paper and a free download from CB which has all the colours of the challenge.
Coloured with SN and Wink of Stella, doesn't show up though.
SB Rose die and a Marianne Flourish Die
Purple Pearls from Hobby House.

That's me for today, unfortunately I won't have a card for the CCC tomorrow as the theme is origami/teabag, neither of which I can do, so sorry about that Karen.

Enjoy your weekend and keep well everyone,
I would like to enter my card into 

Friday, 14 November 2014

Maisie an Oldie for Friday!

Good Morning One and All, It's been a wee while since I managed to post anything and I've been finding commenting on your fab creations difficult to get around to. I just haven't managed to get myself into gear since my break away to Birmingham, in fact I've not even had a play with any of my new goodies.  

I've have quite raised blood sugars and finding it difficult to get them under control, and with being very busy at work, sometimes not being able to keep my insulin shots regular, result being that I am completely out of sorts and very tired. However the good news that I am now no days off and this is my long spell, so I can concentrate on myself, Alistair is away down to Glasgow for a few days to visit his brother, so it's just Teallach and me, Bliss!! Hopefully I can get back on track.

I have been scrolling through your blogs and loving what you've been making, sorry though to be such a poor commenter.

So It's Friday once again, and time for an "OLDIE", it's amazing to think that at this time last week we were going around the NEC, it's sure been a fast week, here is my oldie;
This is Maisie and she is my favourite little girl from LOTV, she is coloured with Promarkers.
Sentiment is LOTV too, I think I used a SB Embossing Folder, not sure now where all the other bits and pieces are from.

It's a really dark blustery morning here, but I'm cosy with Teallach cuddled up to me, we're going to have a lovely day together just chilling.

I do hope you are well, but Hugs to those who are not, and thank you for your comments on my last post.